Therapy and entrepreneurship

‘Therapy and entrepreneurship’ is a monthly membership for self employed therapists and therapists that are looking to add self employed work to their practice.

The membership opens on the 8th January 2020. The price is £24 a month and you can cancel at any time. All the trainings are downloadable.

Every week there will be something new. This consists of…

⁃ A business training, in subjects such as mindset, deprogramming scarcity and activating prosperity, how to create opportunities, networking, confidence, public speaking, setting up unique and aligned services, supporting you to find what is is you want to create in the world.

⁃ Creative adventures, how to use your creativity to support your new business ideas, for example creating vision boards, designing your life activities, visualisations to imagine your business, enabling you to creatively develop a personally aligned business.

⁃ Questions and answers, opportunities to ask specific questions about self employment and entrepreneurship and to have them answered in a training video.

⁃ Interviews with successful therapists in business and entrepreneurship.

⁃ Reflective practice and supervision, group reflective practice group. An opportunity to be supported by other therapists within a safe online space that is just for therapists.

⁃ A supportive creative online community, a safe space to share your ideas and personal growth with other therapists.

⁃ A new jobs and opportunities thread. Where jobs and funding opportunities will be added.

⁃ This membership program will evolve over time and more exciting elements will be added.

Get in touch with Melissa King if you’d like to know more or are interested in joining.

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