Art therapy

Melissa is a talented, motivated and professional Art Therapist. She is a true asset to TDAS, and positively changes the lives of our children and young people.

Lydia Thompson – Former chief executive Trafford Domestic Abuse Service TDAS

I love art therapy, I want to do it everyday, even if Prince Charles was at the school now I wouldn’t want to leave Art therapy to see him.

6yr old child attending art therapy in a sibling group.


Art therapy is better than playing on my Xbox.

12 yr old child attending group Art therapy at Trafford Domestic Abuse Service.

Shamanic healing

Melissa is such a gentle companion, who led me through a journey of discovery of my power animal and my inner self. She provided a safe environment for me while facilitating my journey, and made it a memorable experience! It has been something I will never forget, that changed me deeply and helped me discover more about myself.

She also accompanied me through a cord-cutting journey, facilitating the healing process for me. Once again, she created a safe space and helped me to set clear boundaries between the different realms, so that I wouldn’t get lost in them.

I really appreciate the gentleness in her approach, which is also imbued with lots of knowledge and experience. Also, her therapist skills come through as well, because she certainly knows how to hold the space for me. The whole experience felt special and really tailored to me. I felt enriched and profoundly changed by it.


Creative spirit events

I’ve been lucky enough to attend Melissa’s Creative Spirit events and it has been wonderful! Her passions for creativity and spirituality really come across and she will accompany you in a wonderful journey of self-discovery! Full of meaning and exciting opportunities for self exploration, crystals, colours, the atmosphere she creates is full of energy and so inspiring! I really recommend to everyone who wants to connect, explore and express their feelings!


Thank you so much Melissa, I’m still buzzing from such a fabulous day, you are such an inspiration.

That’s the best training I’ve been on for a long time. Lovely to spend the day with such a lovely group of women, thanks everyone.

Such a nurturing and inspiring day. Thank you Melissa for creating such a wonderful opportunity. Feel very privileged to have been part of it. I have come away with so much positivity to take into new ventures. Will absolutely be returning to the Gallery for a visit soon.

A very rich and rewarding experience, really positive and encouraging, was just the tonic. Good to hear your lived experience, and knowledge gained from these. Beautiful setting which added an extra special quality to the day. Many thanks.

Your day was good for the soul, it was nurturing and inspiring. Had a sense of community in one day.

Really inspiring training today which has reignited me with and reconnected me with art therapy and why I did the Masters course.

I particularly found your mindset inspiring and would love to attend a mindset workshop if that’s a thing? But I feel my own shift in mindset will be my own personal journey into setting up a service which I’m looking forward to doing as I feel much more equipped to do so.

I felt quite disconnected from the art therapy world at times this year and I feel being a member of your mentorship will be an excellent way to keep connected and to keep the inspirational fire going. More training please.

Enthusiastic training, inspirational to listen to and hear.

Loved discussion, and applying to yourself as a business/entrepreneur.

Really helpful and useful day. Gave me confidence and ideas.