‘Therapy and entrepreneurship’ is a monthly membership for self employed therapists and therapists that are looking to add self employed work to their practice.

The membership opens on the 8th January 2020. The price is £24 a month and you can cancel at any time. All the trainings are downloadable.

Every week there will be something new. This consists of…

⁃ A business training, in subjects such as mindset, deprogramming scarcity and activating prosperity, how to create opportunities, networking, confidence, public speaking, setting up unique and aligned services, supporting you to find what is is you want to create in the world.

⁃ Creative adventures, how to use your creativity to support your new business ideas, for example creating vision boards, designing your life activities, visualisations to imagine your business, enabling you to creatively develop a personally aligned business.

⁃ Questions and answers, opportunities to ask specific questions about self employment and entrepreneurship and to have them answered in a training video.

⁃ Interviews with successful therapists in business and entrepreneurship.

⁃ Reflective practice and supervision, group reflective practice group. An opportunity to be supported by other therapists within a safe online space that is just for therapists.

⁃ A supportive creative online community, a safe space to share your ideas and personal growth with other therapists.

⁃ A new jobs and opportunities thread. Where jobs and funding opportunities will be added.

⁃ This membership program will evolve over time and more exciting elements will be added.

Get in touch with Melissa King info@insightvoyager.com if you’d like to know more or are interested in joining.

Fancy awakening your creative side?

Ever wondered if there is an artist within longing to be free?

Are you a nature lover? Therapist? Yogi? Or well-being fanatic? Do you love personal development?

Would you love to explore Kundalini yoga, Medical herbalism and Expressive arts all in one place?

Perhaps you are a creative soul in need of reigniting your creative passion this summer? Well, how does whipping up your inspiration in a 5* gold award winning mansion set in 25 acres of private woodland sound? How about a crystal clear river and birdsong? Open fires and four-poster beds? Blissful, right? It certainly will be. http://www.therowleyestates.com/halls/melmerby-hall/

Cultivating creative Fire: A retreat of Self-discovery within the Eden valley is a long weekend retreat with a difference. We have everything you have been seeking to enable you to shake off the past and step into a bright new you.

We offer you the opportunity to re-ignite the creativity within. To awaken your ability to express yourself in a powerful way. A way that can permeate all aspects of your life, transforming all it touches, from yourself to your relationship with the world around you.

Our team of facilitators will support you to access your inner flow. We believe balance brings brilliance. That’s why we offer a range of holistic workshops to evoke equilibrium and harmonize your soul.

Throughout this long weekend of soul-nurturing workshops you will discover just how amazing and magnificent you really are.

This is your invitation. An invitation to deepen your relationship with yourself.

A chance to discover the transformative effects of your innate creativity and abundant natural wellbeing.

Here’s what you will enjoy:

Kundalini Yoga for creativity, balance and courage

Herb Walk, Forage and making of tonics, syrups and distilates

The Art of Symbolism and Talisman Creation

Sounds to Soothe the Soul, mantra, chanting and sound healing.

Outdoor Art Making

Free Movement and Freeing the Painter

Healthy Gut, Healthy You: a talk

Herbalism and artistic Expression

Restore and Re-Balance with Yoga Nidra

Sandtray activities.

Story-telling around the camp-fire

The retreat is fully inclusive of meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

All our activities will be fuelled by eating the best people and planet friendly foods created lovingly by Bex Shindler of The Mindful Kitchen (wholly vegan, completely gluten free and with zero refined sugar! Expect 100% yums guaranteed!)

So you can see, this weekend will be a deep nurturing journey of self-discovery.

You will be held and supported by our experts as you gently delve and explore your inner world.

You may re-connect with aspects of yourself long forgotten.

You may discover aspects of yourself you didn’t even know existed!

You may come to your senses within nature and be delighted by what you experience.

Our wish for you is that you grow in deep appreciation of who you are. You are amazing – we want you to embody that truth in a real and sustainable way.

But hey! Please don’t think you need to be an artist to come along! No! Don’t leave the art for artists! Creativity is for EVERYBODY. Deepening self-expression through creativity is possible for everyone – including you. (Come along and let us prove it!)

More about our facilitators:

Melissa King MA – Retreat host, Art Psychotherapist, Trainer, and Group & Workshop Facilitator, Managing director of Insight Voyager- Self-discovery through Creative therapies. .

Melissa is an Art psychotherapist dedicated to supporting people in finding their own unique creative expression. Over the past 10+years she has supported numerous children and adults to access their individual creative flow and unlock its huge healing capacity. She knows there is no right way to be creative and her work reflects this – centring on the realness, not rightness, of each individual’s creative process. She appreciates the hidden language of the image and that deep emotional processing often transcends words to seek expression through image, colour, and symbols instead. She has facilitated people through their unconscious creative blocks to release past pains, perfectionism, trauma, and fear. Melissa knows art is a journey of self-discovery and is the perfect facilitator for beginners and professionals alike. Her safe hands will hold your process throughout the retreat and coax the inner artist out to play. http://www.insightvoyager.com/blog/  www.facebook.com/InsightVoyager   

Rebecca Wilson – Kundalini Tantra/Hatha Yoga & Free Movement Facilitator, Wellness & Intuitive Coach, Energy & Sound Healer.

We are excited to bring you Rebecca Wilson for our yoga and free movement workshops! Rebecca is a wonder. Her passion is to lovingly hold a space for participants to express themselves fully and creatively. By allowing them to feel comfortable and safe when dipping their toes in vulnerability, Rebecca encourages self expression through various styles of yoga, movement, tantra and breath work providing a space for each individual to explore and awaken deep energies throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body. One of her most important values is the essence of healing. Rebecca encourages each individual to take their own journey through her offerings, creating a space to tune into your own intuition and inner guidance. Rebecca holds events, workshops, and retreats across Europe. Find out about her work www.rebecca-wilson.com www.facebook.com/Rebeccawilsonyoga

Andy Comley BA, BSc, PGDip Artist, Art Psychotherapist, Medical Herbalist.

We are so thrilled to have the multi-talented, highly knowledgeable Andy Comley! Andy is an experienced artist, art psychotherapist, and medical herbalist. Andy has worked to inspire and create debate within the combined fields of creativity and health care. With 15 years experience delivering Art therapy. He has had the privilege of partaking in many artist residencies at home and abroad. We are so chuffed to have him join us to offer workshops in Art and Herbalism and how they can infuse to create even more healing potential. This experiential experience will ask us to consider how the processing of emotions can affect our physical health. Andy will take us on a wonderful journey to discover herbs and their many benefits. The workshops will use herb tasting as a way of accessing emotions to spark creative process – we will be using the outer landscape to access our inner worlds – exciting! For more on Andy’s work, art, and practice visit: (http://acomley.com)

Bex Shindler owner and chef at The Mindful Kitchen – Food that loves you back.

Are you a lover of 100% plant-based food? Well you’re in for a real treat if you are, a true feast for the senses. We are so delighted to have Bex Shindler with us on our weekend offering the very best in plant based catering! Bex is a mindful chef who believes food can be empowering – not only for personal health but environmental wellbeing too! So her foods are always an experience: wonderfully vibrant, truly nourishing, bursting with energy and sustainably earth loving. All of her food is vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Seriously, you cannot get better belly-loving foods as she infuses every morsel with dollops of love! www.facebook.com/mindfulkitchen

Here are the weekends activities in more detail:

Kundalini Yoga – awaken the fire within, shake up your creativity, bring balance and courage to your being each day with Rebecca Wilson, Kundalini Tantra/Hatha Yoga and free movement facilitator.

Herb Walk and Forage –Find and identify medicinal herbs, learn about the many benefits of herbalism. Make your own digestive tonics, medicinal syrups and water distilates, all to take home and enjoy. With Andy ComleyArtist, Art psychotherapist, and Medical herbalist.

The Art of Symbolism and Talisman Creation – how the unconscious can be made conscious through symbol creation, make a talisman to ignite and inspire your creative soul with Melissa King – Art Psychotherapist, Trainer, and Group & Workshop Facilitator

Sounds to Soothe the Soul – discover what mantra and chanting can do for you. Let the sounds of crystal singing bowls resonate through your cells and senses. With Rebecca Wilson.

Outdoor Art Making – How can the natural world transform our ability to express ourselves creatively ? With nature as the inspiration for self-expression, you can indulge your innate wildness. With Melissa

Free Movement and Freeing the Painter – Explore the joyous effects of free movement and allow the inner artist to awaken and flow in this nurturing free form of expression with Rebecca and Melissa

Healthy Gut, Healthy You: a talk – how does your gut communicate with your body, mind, and spirit? And can this conversation be improved, with Rebecca

Herbalism and artistic Expression –This workshop will consider how the management of our emotions can affect our physical health and vice versa. We will use art/creativity as a primary tool for learning. For example making art from inspired herb tasting and using art to illustrate our needs with Andy

Restore and Re-Balance with Yoga Nidra – discover the inspiration within the space between waking and sleeping with Rebecca

Sandtray and symbolism activities – A sandtray with symbols and activities will be available to use at your leisure over the weekend.

Story-telling around the camp-fire A chance to share your favourite, tales, poems and stories aroun the campfire.

A great selection of deluxe bedrooms are available with prices ranging from £485 – £675. All bedrooms are en-suite and all bar one have baths and a shower. The rooms are pure luxury with Egyptian cotton sheets, feather duvets and Molten Brown toiletries. We have twin and single or double occupancy double bedrooms. We look forward to meeting you there.

Please contact Melissa King with all enquires info@insightvoyager.com 07843936930