Melissa King MA – Managing Director – Insight Voyager LTD

Melissa is an Art psychotherapist dedicated to supporting people in finding their own unique creative expression. Over the past 10+years she has supported numerous children and adults to access their individual creative flow and unlock its huge healing capacity. She knows there is no right way to be creative and her work reflects this – centring on the realness, not rightness, of each individual’s creative process. She appreciates the hidden language of the image and that deep emotional processing often transcends words to seek expression through image, colour, and symbols instead. She has facilitated people through their unconscious creative blocks to release past pains, perfectionism, trauma, and fear. Melissa knows art is a journey of self-discovery and is a great facilitator for beginners and professionals alike. Her safe hands will hold your process throughout the retreat and coax the inner artist out to play.

Melissa offers Art Psychotherapy, Clinical supervision, workshops, training and retreats.

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